The Magic of Christmas expressed in Culinary Art.

 The jingling of bells, the tinkling of laughter. Excitement and anticipation bubble over. Christmas is near and there is magic in the air. For our team here at InterContinental Osaka, it is an opportunity to touch the hearts of our guests and embrace the festive season in a vibrant and unique way. Making our Christmas personal, Executive Chef Tobias Gensheimer and his team have decided to focus their culinary ideas into art and let their imagination create the most extraordinary decorations to adorn the Christmas trees in Intercontinental Osaka. Food is art. The method of preparation, what it represents, and its presentation are similar to composing a song or painting a portrait. It is a reflection of the emotion and passion within its creator. And so, Chef Tobias and each restaurant team will introduce their own Christmas tree decorated with the culinary art pieces they create. To add accents and colours, we are grateful for the support from our Parisian in-house florist – Rosebud. Every single piece is unique and not to be found anywhere else, only at InterContinental Osaka. Our main lobby will be witness to a true artistic delight – an unconventional Christmas art-tree decorated with culinary inspired paintings. When Kansai-based artist Royi Akavia heard about Chef Tobias’ idea of Culinary Art Christmas, the two creative minds quickly collaborated to combine food, paintings and art. The results of their passionate ideas will be exhibited in the main lobby of InterContinental Osaka from 8th November.We would like to invite everybody to experience the Christmas atmosphere with us this year. It will be a journey for the senses with plenty to admire, experience and taste.

8th November 2017Official opening of the Culinary Art Christmas at InterContinental Osaka.

 Our Christmas Art Tree extraordinaire will be revealed in the presence of invited guests, media, our talented team and the team of artists who helped to create this unique piece of art. The opening would not be complete without a culinary-inspired live painting performance.To learn more about Chef Tobias, his team and all the artists, please click here.

8th November – 26th December 2017

 Don’t miss the opportunity to see the individually decorated Christmas art trees across the hotel. Passionate restaurant teams will transform our hotel into a festival; celebrating food, art, splendour and talent.

1st – 25th December 2017

25 days of an Advent Calendar – Culinary photography

Revealing the windows of an advent calendar is fun. Join us in uncovering one window each day, curiously discovering its contents. You never know. You might even find yourself in one of the photographs!

The Magic of Christmas comes to InterContinental Osaka through Chef’s Culinary Art this year. We are all extremely excited about creating our own, unique way of celebrating the festive season and bringing Christmas luxury to the lives of our valued guests. Merry Christmas!


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