Royi Akavia art displayed in several museums and galleries throughout the world, including the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Norton Museum in Plam Beach Fl. Aspen Museum, Colorado including museums in japan. The Sezen Museum in Tokyo Aichi Prefectural Museum in Nagoya and Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art in Hiroshima Royi was appointed official corporate artist for Western Unions ambitious Y2K painting project. Akavia was also commissioned by noted anti- child abuse non- profit organization Kidz 2000 to paint a portrait of popular rock music artist Lenny Kravitz.One of eight artists commissioned to paint an 8′ x 4′ canvas featured at Woodstock ’99.His series “Faces That Make Money.” The distinctive pieces combine a collage made of real devalued international currency and layers of varnish over which Mr. Akavia paints the portraits of modern subjects who have money, make money and spend money. The works are also burned with fire to create a glasslike 3-D surface reminiscent of old world craftsmanship
Select collectors of Mr. Akavia’s include Donald Trump, Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle (President of Chile), Senator Kakuji (Minister Of Culture, Japan), Page Parks and Ford Model Agencies.Royi is an accomplished artist, studying under Salvatore Dali, the world renowned surrealist painter. He was chosen by the Archdiocese of New York to paint the third rendition of “Christ and the Jubilee,” that was originally painted by the famous renaissance artist Rafael. He was the art director and set designer for MTV Europe that among other projects included the MTV Beach House in Holland. In 1997 he was the Set Designer for the MTV Latino Emmy Awards program. Royi was also one of eight artists commissioned to paint an 8’x 4’ canvas that was featured at Woodstock ’99. Kidz 2000, a noted anti-child abuse non-profit organization commissioned him to paint a portrait of popular rock music artist Lenny Kravitz.
In 2005 Royi founded Little Director, an animation company based on the philosophy of “Share, Create, Reward”. Programs enable children to bring their drawings to life. Little Director was awarded numerous animation awards for its work with the Miami Public School System and City of Miami Beach Parks and Recreation. Little Director has worked with PBS, “Barney & Friends”, and The Sunny side Up Show, and Comcast. Royi contributes his years of experience in early childhood education to the “Move to Learn Apps” management team with Columbia University in New York Akavia, Create “Cydonia”, an animated short film intended to teach children the benefits of keeping our planet clean and pollution-free.
Royi  Akavia has more than  30 years of experience as an artist, animator and Art Director. Royi and his company had created and produced a variety of projects in art and animations in New York, LA, Miami Beach, Holland, Venezuela, Japan and Israel and his artwork has been sold all over the world. Royi Akavia started his career in the East village and Soho movement in New York in the early 80’s. Royi will share his abilities, knowledge and experiences to help artists survive.!!!!!!! KOA Production is also a member of American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and Royi is a committee member of LIK (Living In Kansai