Dorit Schwartz’s sublime sculptures lyrically express spiritual enhancement and power, particularly that of the natural world. This is poetic ekphrasis, telling the tale, in physical terms, of the invisible, a vision of unity and transparency. A crystal within the branches of a tree, the creation of open space to contain a metaphysical heart of agate or amethyst. Schwartz’s remarkable works featured in this fascinating, profound and informative book are made of beautiful hand carved materials including rare wood, and gemstones.

The magic of all of Schwartz’s work includes a quiet evocation of the spiritual. No overt symbols exist, rather seemingly simple shapes stand, like nautilus shells, hidden treasures often at the core. The artist has worked the surface and form, however, her interventions are subtle, and almost seamlessly perfect, the objects seem touched by elements, weathered by the sky, by rain, by the ocean. She has maintained a classical paradigm, adherence to the truth of materials, as first expressed by the alternately smooth and rough marbles of the great 19th century French artist Auguste Rodin and the late 19th – early 20th century Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. These elements and sensibility coalesce in Schwartz’s work to express something metaphysical as seen in the organic rounded shape of Contemplation composed of an iconic center of selenite crystal, rooted in lovely acacia wood, suggesting meditative and spiritual experience.

The search for ascension and the attainment of spiritual elevation is present in all religion, whether Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Judaism, Islam or Hindu and many other belief systems and philosophies. What Schwartz captures in her work is this invisible truth, a metaphysical concept that is represented by the distilled purity of nature, masterfully created in hand made sculptures of the utmost earthly material. In Schwartz’s extraordinary oeuvre, nature functions as the model for the synergetic, symbiotic and cyclical, an inspired expression of personal spiritual harmony.

by Dr. Laura Henkel, Ph.D written for “Book of Crystals” by Dorit Schwartz

Dorit Schwartz Bio from website:

Since a very early age, Dorit Schwartz has been intrigued by the diversity of nature. This innate curiosity propelled her to explore the world around her.
Dorit Schwartz – studied Fine Arts at the Wizo Art School in Tel Aviv. At the age of 17, she moved to Los Angeles, California. Since then she has continued polishing her skills and knowledge of the arts.

Since 2008 she has served full-time as the Resident Artist for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Las Vegas Chapter. It was there that she first created her now iconic sculptural work Celebration of Life. Pieces from this collection can be seen at various locations throughout the city of Las Vegas, such as The Discovery Children’s Museum, The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Downtown Summerlin, Summerlin Hospital, UNLV, City Hall, and Symphony Park at The Smith Center.

Dorit Schwartz is constantly evolving. She began her artistic journey with clay, moved onto marble carving, and now works with wood and crystal. Her discovery and appreciation of the smoothness of acacia wood; the cool feel of marble; the roughness of discarded mortars; the vibrancy of colorful crystals and their healing properties magnified her admiration of both the old and the new. Thus, she began incorporating reclaim wood into her work, recovering its history and presenting it anew. For the artist, it is a magnificent way to celebrate the beauty of mother nature. This metamorphosis and development are the driving force behind her new contemporary collection, The Light Within.

In addition to The Light Within, she pioneered the style of hand-carved Selenite in her collection entitled Light of Kabbalah – sacred symbols from the National Best-Seller The 72 Names of God hand-carved into Selenite and illuminated with built-in architectural lighting . Truly a brilliant way of showcasing the Kabbalah meditation symbols in a three-dimensional way!

Her sculptures symbolize the healing power of nature. They expand upon her own healing, which she obtain through her work with the natural elements. The beauty of her pieces lies in the exquisiteness of sensorial perception as they provide both visual and tactile enjoyment for the observers. She loves creating new and powerful experiences for her audiences, sharing the knowledge gained from working with balanced and natural harmonies which can be seen throughout her Marble Sculptures and Marble & Rare Woods Collections.

Dorit’s pieces are currently being showcased at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, the Wynn Home Store at the Esplanade of The Encore Hotel, and The Art360o Exhibit inside the Mayor’s Office at City Hall in Las Vegas, NV. Her work can be found on permanent display in various private collections around the world, with prominent pieces in London, Zurich, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York.


Artist Statement:

Art is a bridge to the human spirit. My sculptural work exists to evoke feelings, to awaken people; to dive straight into the depths of human strength and fragility. My creative process represents my deep appreciation for the organic beauty found in nature. My works of art represent expressive forms that explore sensuality, inviting people in, magnetically drawing them to physically feel the sculptures. As our senses of sight and touch are closely associated, I integrate different elements into each sculpture, as they never before have been combined. I revel in working with such rare mediums as crystals, raw stone, and reclaimed wood. Not only do I showcase the materials’ natural value, I also create new forms of art by fusing together parts that enhance each other’s beauty. The finished works inspire the observer to journey from element to element, eventually taking in the entire piece as a whole – interpreting and discovering in them personal meaning as his/her reactions and feelings combine with the art.

As a sculptor, I am drawn towards organic shapes and textures naturally occurring in the environment. The synergy between stone, various other mediums, and my artistry dictate the visual forms that ultimately emerge. The original collections were developed exclusively in alabaster and wood. The newest collections – The Light Within & Light of Kabbalah – are composed of crystals, reclaimed rare woods, hand-carved selenite, built- in lighting, iron and high-polished steel. They represent balance and harmony in nature. I specialize in utilizing each elements’ features. For me, it is a way of celebrating the beauty of seeming imperfections. The nature of each crystal adds it’s own energetic signature and power, the translucency of alabaster offers vigor and delicacy; the reclaimed woods add a piece of rawness to my sculptures. As natural elements of the universe, I believe that crystals represent raw energy and harmony. They serve as the foundation for my particular creative process. Evolving from an intense need to communicate the joy and beauty of living, fine art and beauty have led me throughout life. I strive to remain open to it in all forms. I allow myself to be the vessel through which creativity flows. I shall continue to utilize my experiences to develop myself wholeheartedly as an artist, a professional, and a woman. This ongoing growth influences my talents and creations. My sculptures reflect this path I am on – they journey to accomplish balance in life. Through my artwork I find myself revealing my past experiences, present beliefs and future aspirations.

Sculpture Inspirational Stories:

Illumination of the Soul:

Illumination of the soul, is a representation of the soul and what shines inside each one of us. The teak wood is tough which accents the fragile crystal in its core. The crystal at the core is a selenite cluster emphasizing the light, or the good, that is within us. The piece in its entirety is a living, breathing, being that directly portrays humanity’s good side. Illumination of the soul is beyond compare when it comes to best portraying the center of human existence. This piece would fit in a home where there is plenty of natural light.


Dancing is an exquisite art form that, when transformed into a solid piece, the sculptor gives the world a physical representation of an expression. Pirouette, designed by Dorit Schwartz, takes on the physicality of a dancer executing the move. The two kinds of quartz crystals, Japanese twin and the ‘regular’ quartz crystals, come together at the center of the piece representing the dancer’s tutu. The Japanese quartz is not just decorative, but also helpful in cleansing a person’s aura. Acting as the dancer is Indonesian wood, elegant in the curves and the contrast between light and dark. The pieces of the wood that stretch from the center are the dancer’s limbs inviting the viewer in to imagine the piece as a real dancer. Together the wood and the crystals attract the viewer and act as healing agent. The ideal place for this piece is where the light will land upon the crystals and allow it to be reflected into the room.


Grace, defined as elegance or favor, is often not crafted into the physical world. Dorit Schwartz takes the idea of grace and sculpted and extravagant piece that truly embodies the concept. The Mahoni wood, or better known as Swietenia mahogany, that is used in this piece has incredible acoustic properties great for the creation of musical instruments. The crystal that is at the base of the piece is a selenite cluster which is mostly associated with the crown chakra of the human energy force. This chakra influences the brain and nervous system which makes selenite a unique tool to help bring upon balance and a connectedness to the world. This is unique for homes with open space and for those looking to strengthen their connection to mother Earth and all of her creatures.

When Lover’s Dance:

Every piece of art has a heart and a soul granted by its creator that lifts it higher onto a new plane of existence, thus the appreciation for the piece grows immensely. Not every piece, however, has a physical representation of a life-force such as “When Lovers Dance”. The first hanging piece created by Dorit boldly displays a fragile Quartz crystal in its center playing the role of the “heart”. Encasing the “heart” is Indonesian Rosewood that is in the shape of two lovers dancing the night away. As light cascades over the piece it accentuates the feeling of awe and love that is enacted within the viewer when they see the dancers and their one heart. “When Lovers Dance” is the perfect piece to explore the personification of human love.


Dorit Schwartz, Artsy – Jan 2018
Dorit Schwartz, Virga Fine Art Gallery – Dec 2017
Dorit Schwartz, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation – Nov 2017
Dorit Schwartz, White Night – Oct 2017
Dorit Schwartz, White Night – July 2017
Dorit Schwartz, Israeli American Council – May 2017
Dorit Schwartz, Laguna Beach, CA – April 2017
Dorit Schwartz, Israeli American Council – April 2017
Dorit Schwartz, William Carr Gallery – Dec 2017
Dorit Schwartz, “Light Within” Collection, Ascaya – Nov 2016
Dorit Schwartz, “Light Within” Collection at Delano Hotel – Oct 2016
Dorit Schwartz, “Light Within” at Encore Esplanade – June 2016
Dorit Schwartz, Downtown Summerlin – March 2016
Dorit Schwartz, “Light Within” at Encore Esplanade – Nov 2015
Dorit Schwartz, “Celebration of Life” at Summerlin Hospital – Sept 2015
Dorit Schwartz, “Light Within” at William Carr Gallery, Aug 2015
Dorit Schwartz, Derubeis Fine Art at Key West – April 2015
Dorit Schwartz, “Light Within” at Wynn Home Store – Nov 2014
Dorit Schwartz, “Light Within” and “Light of Kabbalah” Collections – Oct 2014
Dorit Schwartz, “Light Within” Collection in Mayor’s Office – Sept. 2014
Dorit Schwartz, “Light Within” Collection in Downtown LA – Sept. 2014
Dorit Schwartz, “Celebration of Life” Collection – March 2014

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