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Miguel Paredes was born in New York in 1966. He is an artist and urban realist who combines the exhilarating sense of New York graf ti art with the skill and perceptiveness of a truly exceptional artist.

Growing up on 72nd Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Paredes exuded early signs of artistic ability and accepted an invitation to New York City’s prestigious Fiorello La Guardia High School of Music and Art – immortalized in the musical and movie Fame – in the early 1980s. His studies at Fiorello coincided with the explosion of street culture in the city. Paredes drew inspiration from notorious pop artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring and plunged headlong into the world of graf ti and pop art taking the name “Mist” as his moniker.

Another in uential gure in Paredes’ artistic career is his mentor, Ronnie Cutrone. Cutrone was Andy Warhol’s immediate assistant at the Factory during the notorious pop artist’s most productive and prestigious years. To Paredes, his mentor’s paintings are the essence of pop: colorful, lively and highly accessible. Cutrone’s constant use of bright and uorescent colors not only in uenced Warhol’s return to such hues, but shaped Paredes’ color palette choices as well. Paredes’ piece “Ronnie, is that you?” pays homage to Cutrone and features one of Paredes’ sons painted on a vintage Mickey Mouse bed cover. The child represents the artist looking for Ronnie.

Paredes left New York to come to bourgeoning Miami Beach and took a studio at the Art Center of South Florida, where he became one of their most prosperous artists, focusing on mixed media and conceptual art. At one of his rst showings he sold every piece in the exhibit and broke solidly into the Miami Beach art scene. His artistic success caught the attention of several local venues and they often offered their space to showcase Paredes’ work. He ultimately opened his own gallery, Miguel Paredes Fine Art Gallery, in the Wynwood Arts District in August 2010. That same year, Paredes created an 18×26 foot mural titled “Pulgha World” in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District as a donation to the neighborhood.

In February 2011, the artist relocated Miguel Paredes Fine Art Gallery to a larger Wynwood space and unveiled his rst 3D interior mural entitled “Brownstone Lounge” – a collaborative project with Miami-based interior de- signer, 3D specialist Jeff Vaughan and celebrated Broadway scenic designer and producer Antonio Marion, CEO of Marion Theatrical Productions in New York City. A month later, Paredes donated a mosaic mural entitled “The New Yorker/Senator” to the Miami Design Preservation League’s Art Deco Welcome Center located in the heart of South Beach. The artist became the rst Miami-Dade resident to ever receive two simultaneous proclamations from the City of Miami Beach and Village of Pinecrest honoring his support of historic preservation, devotion to the city and positive impact on the community.

In an effort to continue his commitment to the community and dedication to charitable public art works, Paredes was joined by Mayor Cindy Lerner to unveil two separate charitable art projects at Pinecrest Elementary in Oc- tober of 2011: an expansive, permanent 24-foot, tile mosaic and a custom-painted dog sculpture, which is part of the SmARTy Dog for SmART Schools program, commissioned to raise money for electronic “Smart Boards” to be installed in classrooms.