The speaker gift at WIB  summit limited edition A/P Prints 30/30 By artist Royi Akavia Support  By Kitano Alley Gallery

Clifford Land The World of POP Art

Clifford showed a series of paintings with symbols and icons from American Popular Culture. His work is an art directed to us, about us. His subjects are our heroes, embodying those qualities most valued by our society. His paintings with figures possess charm, power and dignity. His landscapes allow the viewer to be for a moment in another time, another place not encumbered with the pressures of today. His still-lifes have a fresh approach to beauty as well. Clifford is a ...

Art And Sake

  HAKUTAKA (Hakutaka Co. Ltd.), brewers of refined sake and PATRONS OF THE ARTS have formed a partnership to encourage, promote and support art by allowing artists to decorate sake bottles, while planning a sake art event (The Art of Sake – Appreciating Art – Appreciating Sake) 清酒の醸造者かつアートの奨励者である白鷹(白鷹株式会社)は、酒アートイベント(The Art of Sake:Appreciating Art-Appreciating Sake)を企画すると同時に、アーティストに酒のボトルのデコレーションをさせることで、アートの奨励、促進、そしてサポートをすべくパートナーシップを結ぶに至る。

DAAS Walls

DAAS’ work synthesizes line, geometric shapes, rich textures and vivid colours to produce work that uses both representational and abstract elements to create recognizeable forms such as humans, animals and insects. There is a dichotomy in his work; two main forces are tugging away at each other, which in turn "tune" his images to create beautiful harmony. On one hand is the looseness of colour application, the seemingly arbitrary nature of geometric forms and the richness of textures that intermingle with what on the other hand are ...