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Kitano Alley Gallery , ( KAG) was established in early 2017in Kobe Japan. The Gallery locted on the 36 floor “LEVEL 36” at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel KOBE

Its aim is to showcase new artists as well as International artists who have not been widely exhibited in Japan. Our “New concept gallery” has presented international and local artists like DAAS, Miguel Parades, Clifford Land, Ermay and Royi Akavia among others. The Gallery also engages in the sale of Original and limited edition and originals work like Mark Kostabi, Ermay, William Scott, Ron English and photographic work by Internationally renown masters of the medium like Andres Serrano, Duane Michaels, Sandy Skoglund, John Dugdale, Cy Decosse, Sheila Metzner, Sally Mann, Robert Parkeharrison, Vic Muniz and Adam Fuss. We are located in Kitano Kobe Japan at one of the buildings that Tadao Ando designedHere you will find open minded and showcasing the work of regional, national, international artist as well as architectures. Through our coming exhibitions and events, our gallery will support and promote to deliver inspiration through forward-thinking art and design.Kitano Alley Gallery, which resulted from the synergies sparked by the passion and creativity of an artist, an interior designer, and a real estate agent! Gallery hours are 11am until 4:00 p.m. when exhibitions are present. All exhibitions, lectures, and receptions are free and open to the public.We aim to provide social networking opportunities, events and publishing for our artists. We will host our  Opening  that will bring publishers, galleries and collectors face to face with established and emerging artists from across the Kansai area, throughout all Japan, and America. Let’s make the art scene in the Kitano Kobe and Kansai region more exciting and spread this movement throughout

ここでは地域、国内、海外アーティストの作品や建築の作品の展示をご覧になることが出来ます 今後の展示やイベント私共のギャラリーは、先見的な芸術とデザインを通して感動を伝えていくサポートそしてプロモーションをおこなってまいります
芸術家、インテリアデザイナー、不動産業者の情熱と創造性が融合したことで生まれたKitano Alley Galleryのグランドオープンを発表出来ることを誇りに思います。