A Glimpse into the Art assistant work for successful Mark Kostabi.

The one time art assistant Clifford Land, reveals his experiences as a gifted painter & pop artist working @ Kostabi World.The New York City global art market center attracted Mark Kostabi from a small town in California .  Clifford Land started out in the gritty streets of Detroit.  One thing is true of the NYC art game -no country has a hold on all talented people. Mark had scratched out success in the business of selling art during the late 80’s there. Clifford was invited to Kostabi World in 1989 by Mark when seeing the Piedmont Art Festival – Atlanta, Georgia. Kostabi World needed production minded help and hired him on the spot. Clifford was somewhat freakish in his abilities to quickly produce any realist picture , period. One example,a masterful four foot tall “Chuck Close” type oil portrait in less than 2 hours.To learn more about the inner workings of Professional art studio stories & the musings of Pop- Realist painter extraordinaire Clifford Land.


Thia is one of a kind Book the hand painted by Mark Kustabi himself In the early 90’s  in Kustabi studio was two great artistrs that paint his drawing Clifford Land and ron English

The book is for sale some pages are sigened  by Mark Kostabi  price  for this one of a kind $20,000 https://www.invaluable.com/artist/kostabi-mark-jgv9a1mctc/sold-at-auction-prices/

Clifford land as assistant  for kostabi  colletion of the painting he did for him